Probation violation represents a significant aspect of the criminal and penal law landscape in the province of Quebec. These violations, though often underestimated, carry serious legal consequences. Understanding the intricacies of probation violations and the critical role of a specialized probation violation lawyer in Laval is essential for anyone navigating this complex area.

Legal Definition By A Probation Violation Lawyer

Probation violation refers to an act of breaking the terms or conditions as set by the court. These violations can range from missing a probation meeting to committing another crime. Probation is the order by the court that allows the court to serve their sentence in the community subject to conditions prescribed in a probation order.

Common probation conditions include regular meetings with a probation officer, drug testing, community service, or avoiding certain people or places. Quebec’s legal system has specific cases that highlight the nuances of probation violations, shaping the enforcement and consequences of such breaches.

In such cases, the demand for a probation violation lawyer in Laval with a comprehensive understanding of criminal law and the ability to navigate the complexities of such serious charges.

Types of Probation Violations

There is only one type of probation violation, which is named ”Failure to comply with an order”. As already mentioned, this is an offense where the offender is bound by a probation order but does not comply with it without giving a reasonable excuse, and refuses to comply with the order. According to Section 733.1 (1) of the Criminal Code, someone subject to a probation order, who unjustifiably fails or refuses to follow the order, can be charged with an indictable offense, potentially leading to imprisonment for up to four years.

Types of actions or behaviors that typically constitute probation violations in Quebec, Canada, include:

  1. Failing to abide by probation rules or parole conditions (technical violations): This includes actions like contacting someone the court has ordered not to contact or failing to meet with a probation officer.
  2. Committing another criminal offense while on probation (substantive violations): These involve committing new crimes while on probation.

The possible punishments for probation violations in Quebec, Canada, can vary based on the specific nature of the violation and other factors such as the offender’s criminal history and the circumstances surrounding the violation. Here are some general guidelines for the potential punishments for each type of probation violation:

  1. Failing to abide by probation rules or parole conditions: The consequences for this type of violation can range from a warning or a fine to a modification of probation terms, or even revocation of probation and imprisonment.
  2. Committing another criminal offense while on probation: The punishment for this violation will depend on the severity of the new offense committed. This could lead to additional criminal charges with their own separate sentences, which may be served consecutively with the original sentence.
  3. Failure to appear in court: Depending on the jurisdiction and the nature of the case, this could result in additional charges, such as failure to appear or contempt of court, which can lead to fines or jail time.
  4. Escape of lawful custody: This is a serious offense that could result in additional criminal charges with the potential for significant jail time.
  5. Obstruction of justice: This can include a range of activities, like destroying evidence or lying to the police, and can lead to separate criminal charges with their own punishments, including fines and imprisonment.
  6. Obstruction of the police: Similar to obstruction of justice, this can lead to additional criminal charges and potential penalties like fines and jail time.
  7. Resisting arrest: This can lead to additional charges with possible fines and imprisonment.
  8. Assaulting an officer of the peace: This is a serious offense that is likely to result in additional criminal charges and significant penalties, including potential imprisonment.

The specific punishments for each type of probation violation will depend on the individual case and the discretion of the court. The court may consider various factors, including the nature and severity of the violation, the individual’s criminal history, and any mitigating or aggravating circumstances.

Classification & Implication in the Criminal Code

The classification of probation violation offenses hinges on factors such as the nature and severity of the violation. These offenses are generally categorized as Summary, Indictable, or Hybrid offenses.

Summary Offenses

Summary offenses for probation violations are deemed less severe. These might include minor breaches of probation terms, like missing a meeting with a probation officer. Penalties typically involve smaller fines, shorter jail terms, or alternative sentences like community service.

Indictable Offenses

Indictable offenses in the context of probation violations represent more serious breaches, potentially carrying grave consequences. The legal process for these violations is more intricate and formalized. Penalties for such offenses can include extended imprisonment, significant fines, and a lasting impact on the individual’s life.

Hybrid Offenses

Hybrid offenses in probation violation cases can be treated as either summary or indictable. The decision on how to proceed legally depends on the prosecution’s assessment of the violation’s severity and the circumstances surrounding it. This flexibility allows the legal system to appropriately address the specific nature of each probation violation case.

The person committed probation violation and now seeking help from the probation violation lawyer.

What to do if Arrested of a Probation Violation

Initial Action

At the time of arrest, you should always remain calm and cooperative. Resisting arrest can complicate your situation further. Before taking any action always contact a probation violation lawyer in Laval as soon as possible. If you find yourself in such a predicament, always seek advice from your probation violation attorney.

Legal Representation

Securing a skilled probation violation lawyer in Laval is vital. Choose someone with experience and deep knowledge of local laws and court procedures. Transparency with your probation violation attorney is key; provide all necessary information to aid your defense. A knowledgeable probation violation lawyer is crucial for navigating the legal system and safeguarding your rights.

Rights of the Accused

Under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, those accused of probation violations have specific rights:

  • Right to be Informed: You should be promptly informed of the reasons for your arrest.
  • Right to Counsel: You have the right to obtain legal counsel without delay and be informed of this right.
  • Presumption of Innocence: Until proven guilty in a fair trial, you are presumed innocent.

Each probation violation case is unique, requiring a tailored legal strategy. It’s imperative to adhere to the guidance of your probation violation defense attorney, who can adeptly handle the complexities of your situation.

What to Expect for Probation Violation Charges

At the time of conviction

At the time of conviction for probation violation charges, the court will determine your punishment according to the crime committed by you. A conviction will result in a criminal record, which can have a long-lasting impact on various aspects of life. You have the right to appeal the conviction. Your attorney for violation of probation can advise you on the viability and process of an appeal.

first arrest vs second-time arrest

A first-time arrest may receive more lenient sentences as compared to a second-time arrest. The court shows remorse at the time of the first arrest. But in case the offender is being convicted for the same offense there are high chances that the offender may face harsher penalties, as the legal system aims to deter persistent criminal behaviour. The court may impose higher fines, stricter sentences, and longer probation periods.

legal consequences

Every legal consequence of probation violation is based on the nature and severity of the violation, as well as the direction of the court. The legal consequences can include:

  • Extension of probation
  • Fines
  • jail or imprisonment
  • Community services
  • Treatment program
  • Revocation of probation
  • Criminal Charges

personal and social impact

The impact of committing such a crime can be to such an extent that it affects your social and personal life. It can affect your life in these ways:

  1. Such offenses can limit your job opportunities, especially with such a background.
  2. You may have difficulty getting scholarships.
  3. You may also face social stigma because of your criminal records.

after conviction: aftermath

After a conviction for probation violation, the aftermath can significantly impact various aspects of your life. Here are the potential consequences:

  1. Employment Challenges: A probation violation conviction may limit job opportunities, as employers often consider criminal records during the hiring process. Certain professions or industries may pose additional challenges.
  2. Educational Opportunities: Securing scholarships or admission to educational programs may become more difficult with a probation violation conviction, affecting your academic pursuits.
  3. Travel Restrictions: Some countries may impose restrictions or deny entry based on a criminal record, potentially limiting your ability to travel internationally.
  4. Housing Issues: Finding suitable housing can be challenging as landlords may conduct background checks, and a probation violation conviction might affect rental decisions.
  5. Financial Implications: Fines and legal expenses associated with the probation violation conviction can have financial repercussions, adding to the overall burden.

It’s important to note that the specific aftermath varies based on individual circumstances, the severity of the probation violation, and jurisdictional factors. Seeking guidance from a probation violation attorney can provide insight into the potential consequences and help navigate the post-conviction challenges.

Practical Examples

Case studies and hypothetical scenarios help illustrate how property offenses are defined, classified, and prosecuted in Quebec.

  1. John, on probation for a minor theft charge, fails to report to his probation officer as required. This oversight leads to a technical probation violation, risking an extension of his probation period or more severe penalties. The person now required a probation violation attorney to navigate the legal complexities.
  2. Sarah, while on probation for a DUI offense, is arrested for another DUI. This constitutes a substantive probation violation, significantly increasing the likelihood of facing jail time or stricter probation terms. This act leads to seeking a lawyer for violation of probation when charged.


If you’re dealing with charges concerning probation violations in Quebec, it’s crucial to seek the guidance of a proficient probation violation lawyer. El Haddad Avocats, experts in criminal and penal law, provide top-tier legal advocacy to safeguard your rights during the judicial proceedings. Reach out to us for a consultation and obtain the necessary defense for these intricate legal issues.

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  • Charter of Rights & Freedoms, provided under this act that everyone has a right to freedom whether in terms of equality, life, judicial rights, political rights, and much more.

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